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Padam: eat, drink, love Tirana

Nowadays it’s hard to name a restaurant scene in the Balkans that’s more appealing than Tirana’s. Tourists who once headed directly to the beaches are now finding the contemporary food scene of Albania’s capital as much of a draw. And when it comes to fine dining, Tirana is home to Padam. The restaurant of Padam Boutique Hotel, signed by Chef Fundim Gjepali, is where one comes to live the Albanian Dolce Vita


Located in a beautiful villa in the heart of Tirana and surrounded by a lush garden, Padam is one of the capital’s landmarks and a not to miss destination for food lovers. The restaurant elegant decor creates a classy atmosphere. In spring and summer, the terrace is open allowing you to eat out, but during winter days you will be accommodated inside in a spacious room decorated with various elegant and contemporary objects. The restaurant has strongly established its identity in the new Albanian culinary scene, becoming a hub for those in search of a unique food experience combined with a characteristic atmosphere and unconventional cuisine.


Chef Fundim Gjepali, who won the Mediterranean Prize for best chef in Europe, trained in France, Spain and Italy, where is chef and company partner at the famous restaurant Antico Arco. His menu is seasonal and made by pleasant dishes. Here presentation as well as flavour is key -each dish is beautifully composed on a plate. Gjepali’s cooking is a mix of traditional and modern elements, but is also high quality. The elaborate menu incorporates local ingredients bought from local farmers, Mediterranean flavors, a selected wine list, and traditional recipes transformed into modern dishes. The research behind each and every ingredient is meticulous. Egg cooked with truffle, yogurt sauce and broccoli, a traditional recipe of Gjepali’s grandmother, is Padam signature dish. 


The garden hosts both the Restaurant and a Lounge Bar, the perfect place for having a night out or a chilly afternoon with friends enjoying live electronic DJ sets. The drinks menu features classic drinks, creative cocktails and a fine extensive selection of local as well as international wines. Padam is the ideal venue in Tirana for classy parties, private celebrations, meetings and events.


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Location: Rr. Rruga Papa Gjon Pali II, Tirana
Cost: From €25