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Extra virgin olive oil and table olives in Albania: the story behind NenaFarm

Located in Lukovë, NenaFarm produces one of the finest olive oil in the Mediterranean area. It’s made from the Kalinjot olive, an autochthonous Albanian variety, predominantly residing in south Albania. This family-run farm, whose philosophy is to embrace the flavors, aromas and nutritional values that south Albania offers, works with the purpose to preserve and take care of what nature offers creating eco-friendly products and processes. The perfect combination of sea, mountains and sun of Lukovë, creates an ideal ambience and conditions for growing olives. Together with a cold extraction, NenaFarm extra virgin olive oil tastes like no other -a true nectar of the gods. 



With high nutritional values, intense and unique aromas, Nena’s olive oil is rich and full of qualities. It is harvested from old trees called centurium which are over 100 years old. Taking care and preserving these olive trees and surrounding land is the most important purpose for NenaFarm’s team.  <<Our products are based on tradition. Take our table olives: hand crushed and naturally fermented using only water and sea salt without the aid of lyes and other additives or stabilizers. However, tradition can take us so far. To create products based on international standards, technology must pick up where tradition leaves us with relation to food safety, packaging and preservation. Therefore, innovation is necessary to back up tradition where it is needed the most>>, says Miltiadh Prifti, owner of NenaFarm. Tradition and innovation: like Nena’s slogan say –innovating the past.



Table olives are the pride of NenaFarm. Rooted deep in tradition, hand crushed, naturally fermented, flavored with local herbs -rosemary, bey leafs, oregano- and topped with extra virgin olive oil which naturally preserves the olives without the need for additives and preservants. Nena’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil -both the early and late November version- is of the highest quality from both the laboratory analysis and organoleptic perspective. It has very low acidity and peroxides, and high polyphenols concentration.  <<It’s a robust, healthy, and intensive bitter olive oil. By searching more in your palette you will find notes of fresh cut grass and green tomatoes. NenaFarm extra virgin olive oil has a true Mediterranean scent, showcasing the microclimate where the olive grooves stand>>, says Prifti. And he is right, although not just the flavours of this land, but also its history and memories of things past.


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