Puresa: a sensory experience in the heart of Tirana

Both flowers and soaps can be forms of escapism from the ordinary. Inspired by nature, Albanian artist Anisa Kalisi creates scented bouquet that nourish our minds and spirits. In her shop Puresa, in Tirana, she sells original handcrafted creations that can be used to adornate your home or are the perfect gift ideas you were searching for a long time.



Anisa Kalisi is a 29 years old artist who lives in Tirana and has a big passion: creating beautiful gifts for everyone and every age. <<I have studied bank and finance but crafting has always been my passion. There’s something comforting in doing that; long-practised, the techniques required to produce something of beauty become a ritual, repeated over and over>>, she says. Last November after almost two years of practicing and researching, she turned her passion into a job and opened Puresa -which means pure in Albanian. With her team, she creates candles and soaps in form of flowers or bouquets that can be donated as a gift or used as a decoration or perfume -their scent is pure, clean and remember of childhood- for houses, offices or shops.



<<I reached out to my community and found that people were really interested and appreciated my creations. I wanted to bring the joy of flowers, candles and scented soaps to everyone, no matter the age>>, Anisa says. The process of crafting has many steps, from the soap processing, coloring and adding perfume, to the final phase of turning it into a flower. The objects and colors vary according to the room they belong to -for the living room are privileged pastel colors, for the kitchen bouquets are more colored and have bigger vases, while for offices and bathrooms Anisa and her team create smaller bouquets. But, despite of that, every single item is inspired by nature. Visitors at Puresa can expect a place that looks like a contemporary house: everything is clean, colorful, and the shelves and central table are full of precious elements -vases, frames, items for the kitchen, design books and, of course, pieces of their craftsmanship that fill every space with pleasant aromas. A true sensory experience in the heart of Tirana.


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Location: Rruga Don Bosko, Tirana.