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Premti: authentic, traditional and tasty flavors from Përmet

Hidden in the heart of south Albania, Përmet is one of the best preserved destinations in the country, a clean and green town situated along the Vjosa river, known as the city of roses -and if you visit it in Spring, you’ll understand the nickname. It is home to some of the most beautiful natural scenes and great food: this Albanian town is part of the Slow Food movement, a global organization founded with the mission to prevent the disappearance of local food and traditions throughout the world. Like the gliko of Përmet, a delicious preserve made with the best local fruits and vegetables. 



Premti is a local food business founded in 2016 in Përmet and focused on the production and marketing of typical products of the Përmet area, like gliko, jams and honey. All their products are made with fruit and vegetables choosen manually, piece by piece, to select the healthiest ingredients. Everything is 100% natural, local, Albanian. Their flagship product is undoubtedly gliko, not just a sweet preserve but an important ingredient of southern Albanian cuisine, made from many different fruits and vegetables. 



The method of production depends on the type of gliko, but always involves a careful selection of fruits and veggies, which are then left to soak in a mixture of cold water and lime to stiffen. The fruits are mixed with sugar and then boiled for about an hour. Lemon is added at various intervals to maintain bright color. When the fruit has absorbed the syrup, the gliko is cooled, packaged in glass jars and ready to be sell. Premti’s collection includes a range of various gliko, like the walnut gliko, orange gliko, watermelon gliko, and wild fig gliko. If you want to try extra products, they make honey and jams too, all prepared with the freshest and tastier ingredients of Përmet region. You can order them directly to Premti or find them in local supermarkets. 


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