The Best Beaches in Albania

From sandy beaches backed by rolling hills covered in olive groves to the glories of the southern Riviera, this is a selection of some of the most stunning beaches in Albania.


Dhërmi beach is one of the most famous places in Albania, a strip of rocks and pebbles several kilometres long that is lapped by turquoise waters. In July and August is busy, but outside of the peak season it’s very quiet. In the surroundings, there are lots of smaller bays, like Drimadhës beach, among the best beaches in the country with almost Caribbean-blue waters caught in a small stretch.

©Jani Godari


This pretty beach town is one of the most frequented coastal spots along the Albanian Riviera in summer. But a few kilometres from the city you’ll find plenty of lovely stretches to spend the day, among them Llaman, a white stone beach with inviting clear waters for swimming; and Livadhi a bay edged by olive groves.


The largest beach in south Albania, 7-km Borsh is a magical place along the Albanian Riviera: a long stretch of white pebbles lapped by the blue waters of Ionian Sea and surrounded by lush olive groves behind.

©Valter Zhara


The unofficial capital of Albanian Riviera, Saranda, is a vibrant coastal city a few kilometers away from the Greek border. From the port you can take also a daily ferry to the Greek island of Corfu. But if you want to stay in town, Saranda has plenty of gorgeous beaches, like Pulebardha a pebbly beach with clear waters.


South of Saranda, Ksamil is the most famous beach in Albania and, in the past few years, among the most coveted destinations in the Mediterranean. It can get very crowded in summer, so make sure to come here before the start of the season or later. The three small islands in Ksamil bay are an easy swim or boat ride away.

©Filip Bartos


The third largest city in the country, Vlora, is the gateaway to some of Albania’s finest beaches -especially if you travel with children- like Radhimë and Zvernec with calm and warm waters. Here don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Monastery of St. Mary and surrounding lagoon.


Kepi i Rodonit is a rocky cape that hide some of the most stunning beaches along the Adriatic coast of Albania. The cape is north of Durrës, which makes it very easy to combine beach time with some cultural pursuits.

©Sara Darcaj

Featured image: ©Valter Zhara