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Pastiçeri Mon Amour: a pastry shop where art meets desserts 

Elegant atmosphere, high-quality products and a huge selection of sweets, Pastiçeri Mon Amour is among the best pastry shops in Albania. This pastiçeri with three addresses in Tirana -Rruga Barrikadave, Rruga Elbasanit and Rruga Sulejman Delvina- is one of our favorite spots for enjoying a fancy breakfast. If you are organizing an event (birthday, wedding or another celebration), you can order personalized desserts that you and your guests will remember for a very long time. 


©Pastiçeri Mon Amour

Opened in 2007, Pastiçeri Mon Amour is a family business run by Sila family who returned home after having spent several years in Greece. They practiced and worked methodically in Greece and abroad and, once back in Tirana, opened their first pastry shop, which immediately became a landmark in the gastronomic scene of the Albanian capital for the high-quality artisanal desserts. Then, they opened their other two stores, two modern open spaces with a large selection of traditional and contemporaries sweets. 


©Pastiçeri Mon Amour

Whether you’re looking for a classic baklava with nuts and pistachios or a chocolate spoon dessert, Pastiçeri Mon Amour has it all. Here you can buy or order cookies, biscuits, chocolates, kadaif, melomakaronas, croissants, and pastries. The baklava itself is crunchy and delicious, but the main feature of it is the juicy, melt-in-your-mouth doughy interior, which will forever put Pastiçeri Mon Amour on this list of the best pastry shop in Tirana.


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Location: Rruga Barrikadave | Rruga Elsabanit | Rruga Sulejman Delvina prane “Stadiumi Dinamo” 

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