Saint Michelle Residence: this hotel is the perfect stay to enjoy Albania’s wild, quiet side 

Between the rugged dunes of Kepi i Rodonit, along the Adriatic Coast of Albania, Saint Michelle Residence is the place to be for those in search of relaxation. While other popular getaway destinations in the country have an abundance of hotels and resorts, Kepi i Rodonit has remained decidedly low-key when it comes to lodging. And this is a very good thing: think of amazing places to visit without crowds, silence, guest rooms with perfect sea views and friendly staff. So, for those planning or daydreaming about a trip to this off the radar and secluded Albanian destination, check out what Saint Michelle Residence has to offer.


©Saint Michelle Residence
©Saint Michelle Residence

In terms of offerings, Saint Michelle Residence has plenty -there’s a swimming pool, a football court, campers and caravans parking areas, a sea food restaurant and, of course, pretty private rooms for spending the night. This family-run property is a secret jewel about an hour and a half from the capital Tirana, north of Durrës, with 6 private rooms, included 2 deluxe options, (4 of the rooms have breathtaking views over the sea). All have private bathrooms, LED tv and WiFi services included. Located in a clean and marvelous area, the Residence is also perfect for families. 


©Saint Michelle Residence
©Saint Michelle Residence

The breakfast menu offers an Albanian twist on the classics: petulla with white cheese; omelettes with tomatoes and cucumbers; sausages and fresh baked bread; fresh fruit juices and, of course, coffee. The restaurant is one of the best in Kepi i Rodonit, so prepare to feast on Mediterranean classics sea dishes. Rice casserole with octopus; fish crudités; risotto with saffron and sea fruits; grilled octopus; fried fishes: everything is as fresh as it comes, thanks to the hotel getting first dibs on local fishermen’s catches.


©Saint Michelle Residence
©Sara Darcaj

The service at Saint Michelle Residence is laid back and familiar: the staff is multilingual, friendly and ready to help you planning out your days, whether you’re keen to visit the Skanderbeg Castle, Ibrahim Kodra’s old house, Saint Anthony Church, all a few minutes away from the property. The swimming pool is the perfect place to relax: expect days to be spent here fluttering while enjoying the surrounding nature. The best part though? The location -mere minutes from the best beaches along the Adriatic coast of Albania and a spectacular view over the northern coast of Albania, until the town of Ulcinj, in Montenegro. A dream. 


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Location: Kepi i Rodonit, Shetaj. 
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