4 villages to visit in the Albanian Riviera

The Albanian Riviera is among the most beautiful places to visit in the Mediterranean. Known for its pristine beaches and secluted bays, south Albania is home to picturesque villages that worth a visit too. If you are planning a trip to Albania for the summer or later, don’t miss the opportunity to visit these four charming hamlets too.


©Sara Darcaj

The picture-perfect village of Dhërmi is one of the prettiest in the Balkans, filled with small Orthodox churches, narrow streets and flowers. This hamlet is famous for the amazing beaches with crystaline waters but is worth a visit itself. Go visit the town and reach Shën Marisë, a lovely white church located on the top of a hill over Dhërmi that offers breathtaking views of the village and Ionian sea.


©Mario Beqollari

The mountain village of Vuno is one of the best preserved and most authentic hamlets in south Albania. It looks like is straight out from a fairy tale: old houses, gardens, bougainville and small churches that give it a lot of charm. A visit here is a must, but don’t forget that in the surroundings there are two of the most beautiful beaches of the country, Gjipë and Jalë, both well-known summer destinations.


©Chimaera Hotel

Himara is one of the most frequented destinations of the Albanian Riviera, thanks to its beaches and the vibrant nightlife. This bilingual town, where live Albanians and Greeks, is home to several Orthodox churches and an old castle that offers spectacular views over the bay and Ionian Sea. There are several beautiful beaches near the town, such as Livadhi, a white stone bay surrounded by olive trees, Potami, with its pristine waters, and Llaman, located in a dramatic setting between the mountains and sea.


©Xhiliana Cane

A not-to-miss place to visit in the Albanian Riviera is Qeparo, a nice mountain village inhabited since ancient times. The hamlet is 10 minute far from the coast and reachable by car, but if you love to spend your time in nature and relax yourself, don’t miss the chance to come here for a few hours. For history enthusiasts, the Ali Pasha Fortress, a castle surrounded by a wonderful bay, is just a few kms away.