Charming Korça is an off-beat alternative to the Albanian Riviera

In urgent need of a winter break? We’ve picked out 4 seasonal Albanian destinations to visit when you’re in search of snow, cozy cafes and cultural gems.


©Kledi Xhangolli

Often referred to as “the small Paris of Albania” for the beautiful architecture, coffe culture and elegant atmosphere, this ancient town in southeastern Albania is a true gem. Caught between lake Ohrid and Bredi i Drenovës National Park, Korça is mostly known for its culture and intellectual heritage (it was home to the first Albanian language school) thanks to its world-class museums, beautiful churches, and pretty architecture. Despite its allure, and its fabulous food scene, Korça has kept its cool, remaining one of Albania’s lesser-visited towns by foreign tourists. 


©Stone Villas Voskopojë

Not heard of this cosy, cobbled Albanian city? Just 20 minutes from Korça, this once important trade center located along the Via Egnatia is like a fairytale village with stone churches, outstanding views and frequent snowfalls. Voskopoja was the largest cultural center of Aromenian community in Albania and hosted the first printing house in the Ottoman Balkans outside Constantinople, making it an unlikely mecca for history and culture. 


©Welcome to Korça

If stone houses, forests and frequent snowfalls tick your boxes, and you’ve already explored Korça, make Dardhë your destination to discover this winter. With hiking paths, great restaurants that plates up tasty, colourful meals inspired by local gastronomy and hotels that offer panoramic views over the mountains, this is the perfect destination to explore in a winter weekend. 


©Nikol Likja

This small village located between Korça and Dardhë is home to old churches (before the Communism there were two Orthodox monasteries too, used by pilgrims from other areas of the Balkans) and traditional tavernas that offer local cuisine. In the past years, Boboshticë was inhabited mostly by Bulgarian, Macedonian and Aromenian minorities. Come here to discover more information about its history and relax surrounded by untouched nature.