Mrizi i Zanave: your cozy experience in the Albanian countryside

Tradition, authenticity and innovation. A place of immense charme within the splendid countryside of Zadrima. Imagine waking up, drawing the curtains and the sun shimmers on the vineyards, farm animals walk in the fields. The renewed kulla -distinctive stone house of Northern Albania- is a building whose grandiose is highlighted not only from the elegant glass facade but also through every minute detail indoors. A symbol of Albanian tradition, in which history meets glamour and comfort. Old meets new. A refreshing style in which each room has its own identity -handmade fabrics, wood, local stones. And then there are the restaurant, a cellar, former village prisons turned into food laboratories, courtyards surrounded by luscious vegetation, a boutique with selected products from the farm and local artisans. These are just a few of the many elements that combined, have created this iconic, forward thinking agroturizëm


The brothers Altin and Anton, emigrated to Italy in 1998. After 11 years of experiences as chefs, they came back to Albania in Fishtë to open their own restaurant. Inspired by the famous Albanian poet from the village, Gjergj Fishta, they named it Mrizi i Zanave, the fairies’ hideaway. In 2019, they opened the hotel too. Every room at Mrizi i Zanave is precious: the design is a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporaneity with the use of local materials and vivid colours. This combination is reflected in the bedrooms that preserve the heritage of the building as well as adding newer elements. A great mix of wooden materials, traditional fabrics, handmade textiles. Small touches that make this place truly memorable. The rooms vary in size, have private bathrooms with amenities and great views. 


Think globally, eat locally! is Mrizi i Zanave’s motto. The restaurant is a member of the international Slow Food Convivium. The menu is rich and focuses on regional dishes and seasonal variations, so it is continuously adapted throughout the year. From dried tomatoes to homemade cheeses, byrek, deep fried zucchini flowers, sausages, meals, and grilled vegetables, everything is local, fresh and seasonal. Traditional and well-known Albanian dishes are cooked and prepared with a modern spin. Jufka -homemade pasta- served with mushrooms, or blueberry sauce, is Mrizi i Zanave signature dish. The breakfast here is the kind of breakfast that makes you jump out of bed in the morning. Wooden tables filled with exquisite foods ranging from your dairy products, regional specialties, cheeses, freshly baked cakes, fruit drinks, appetizers and homemade bread. The tables are pleasantly set up with a panoramic view of the countryside.


There is so much beauty to dive into and explore in and around Fishtë. From Lezhë with the old castle and Skanderbeg’s memorial to exploring the small villages where you can visit historic wine cellars and artisans’ boutique and the costal town of Shëngjin with its sandy beaches. Of course, there’s also the possibility to visit the farm, for those seeking a more relaxing vacation. A few minutes’ walk from the restaurant, wine cellar, workshops and food laboratories where workers prepare almost every single food that guests can eat, are a must-see. Visitors can get a vivid view of how the food they eat is made, preserved and prepared.


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Location: Rruga Lezhë – Vau i Dejës, Fishtë, Lezhë 4505 
Cost: From €50