5 sea-front hotels in Vlora and surroundings to keep on your radar

Literally jumping from your room into blue sea is something we all dream of. You don’t need to go to Maldives or Seychelles to do that. It can be done right here, in Albania. Here are 5 hotels that allow this dream come true.


©Mazarine Hotel&Spa

Mazarine Hotel&Spa is a modern retreat along Vlora’s south coastline surrounded by hills, Mediterranean bush and olive groves. With sweeping views of the Ionian Sea, this chic hotel’s rooms overlook the sea, countryside and a panoramic infinity pool. Mazarine deftly celebrates the culture and natural scenery that Vlora’s south coast provides. The hotel, located in front of Radhimë Beach, creates a space where guests can fully succumb to relaxation.


©Valza Boutique Hotel

Sitting on a hillside above the Ionian Sea, the verdant sprawl crowding in behind, Valza Boutique Hotel offers a warm welcome to guests. Sprawled across the lush green coastline of the southern Albanian Riviera, this sophisticated stay honours its Mediterranean way of living. Friendly and caring, but not overbearing, service, comfortable and large rooms that offer intimate privacy, and breathtaking sea views -it’s no wonder this coastal stay is quickly becoming a favorite in town. 


©Kraal Hotel

Whistling pine groves, rushing waves and the shiver of wind-whipped sands provide the soundtrack to Vlora’s Adriatic Coast -a quietly beguiling stretch of coastline north of the city center, and home to enchanting Kraal Hotel. A warm and welcoming environment that elegantly combines modern elements with vintage furniture, Kraal Hotel enjoys a prime location in picturesque Plazhi Vjetër, between the port and Zvernec, a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.


©Abonora Drymades

With Ionian Sea vistas, impeccable service and uninterrupted rest -this Albanian gem may just have it all. Abonora Drymades breathes, drawing in the fresh, salty air that whips off the Ionian Sea and allowing it to fill its white-washed lungs, to uplift the pathways that connect guest rooms with thoughtful spaces, dining areas, outdoor living and the pool that perfectly kisses the ocean beyond it. Nestled on the rugged southern coastline of Albania, Abonora Drymades is designed to offer guests a space for longer-term stays without skimping on luxury.


©Hotel Orange Dhërmi

Located in Dhërmi, Hotel Orange offers guests an off-grid abode in which to relax and recharge. The spacious airy rooms, with private bathrooms and balconies overlooking Ionian Sea, are designed with elegant furniture, comfortable and big beds. The big windows offer a complete immersion in nature. Open them up to allow a cooling sea breeze to drift through the room at night, then, come morning, wake to the sound of birdsong.