Albania in summer: a travel guide

Albania is is the perfect destination for the summer of your dreams. There’s such a diversity of landscapes, cultural attractions and things to do: a magical coastline with amazing beaches, peaceful mountains, old villages to discover and one-of-a kind summer festival. Here are 5 of the best summer destinations in the country.


©Xhiliana Cane

Part of the joy of traveling around the Albanian Riviera is the seemingly endless supply of picturesque villages. While there are many that exhibit old buildings and labyrinthine streets that make the area so popular among tourists, there’s something extra special about Qeparo -it’s location. Set upon a mountains, this village offer a true local experience and extraordinary views.


©Mario Beqollari

Ask anyone who’s been to Theth, and they’ll tell you that this mountain village ranks among Balkans most scenic spots. Surrounded by mountains and wild landscapes, Theth is a must see when traveling to northern Albania. The villages is home to the prettiest church of Albania, picture-perfect Theth church, and the ideal base to explore Albanian Alps.


©Edin Murati

This pretty beach town in south Albania is one of the most beautiful coastal spots along the Albanian Riviera. The city is pretty crowded in summer but a few kilometres away you’ll find plenty of lovely stretches to spend the day, among them Llaman, a white stone beach with inviting clear waters for swimming; and Livadhi a bay edged by olive groves.


©Fjona Zanaliu

Located in northern Albania, between Shkodër and Valbona Valley National Park, Lake Koman is one of the best places to visit in Albania and one of the most beautiful lakes in the Balkans. Koman is a reservoir created when the hydroelectric power station was built in the 1980s on the Drin River. But even if it is an artificial lake, it doesn’t feel like was created by humans: this place is wild, untouched and secluded and the waters are so clear that look unreal.


©Drini Teta

This rocky cape, located north of Durrës and about an hour and a half from Tirana, hide some of the most epic landscapes along the Adriatic coast of Albania. The cape has plenty of wild beaches where to enjoy summer days without the crowds.