Kalemi Hotels: experience the historic Ottoman-era architecture of Gjirokastër staying in this enchanting boutique retreat 

In the heart of Gjirokastër, Kalemi Hotels is a family-run property with two addresses in town and, later this year, will have a third addition. The two carefully renovated traditional buildings, more than 200 years old, have been declared 2-nd category monument houses by the Albanian government. Kalemi Hotels keep the traditional elements of the old way of living in the houses of Gjirokastër without sacrificing the comfort. Take a journey back in time and experience the charm of a typical Albanian house with original walls stone, wooden furniture, elegant details and mesmerizing views over one of the prettiest towns in Europe. 


©Kalemi Hotels
©Kalemi Hotels

Arriving at Kalemi Hotels feels like being stepped into a fairytale: original stone walls, traditional couch and wooden furniture, handmade rugs, crochet sheets and curtains made by local artisans. Kalemi1 is a pretty hotel featuring woodwork, carved ceilings and breathtaking views over the slate-roofed buildings of Gjirokastër. But the cherry on top here is Kalemi2, a place where stone and wood, old and new are perfectly combined together. Each of the hotels’ rooms offers amazing views over the city or castle, while the majestic deluxe in Kalemi2 -with original ceilings, frescoes, antiques and a relaxing Jacuzzi- overlooks Gjirokastër’s mountains and the old castle. A breakfast of dreams -think of petulla with local honey, fresh fruits, yoghurt, cheese, handmade figs jam, mountain tea and a breathtaking view over the city- sure to warm and fill guests for the day ahead.


©Kalemi Hotels
©Kalemi Hotels

Both Kalemi Hotels are in the city center and near the most famous tourist attractions of Gjirokastër, like the Ethnographic Museum (former house of Enver Hoxha), old castle, mosque, Old Bazaar and historic tower homes built during the Ottoman era. Take some time to visit these treasures -Skenduli House, Ismail Kadare House and Zekate House with their traditional elements and unique history, are all just in a few minutes by walking. In the outskirts of Gjirokastër, the Illyrian city of Antigonea and theater of  Adrianopolis are two important archeological sites in south Albania. Another place not to miss is the village of Labovë, home to one of the oldest Orthodox churches in the Balkans. Gjirokastër is blessed with some of the country’s most charming buildings, Kalemi hotels included. Combined with the untouched surroundings, the town offers up a winning holiday recipe, especially for globetrotters.


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Location: Rruga Bashkim Kokona 14, Gjirokastër 

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