Kiribee: candles made from beeswax with a dash of love 

The only thing that is better than a beautiful candle is a beautiful natural handmade candle. Kiribee has a range of different candles made from Albanian beeswax, an eco-friendly alternative to paraffin with many advantages: longer burn time, environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, relaxing, free of chemical compounds and full of benefits for the health. The minds -and hands- behind this small local business are Ana and Aldo, a couple of 28 years old living in Tirana with a degree in exact sciences and a huge passion: making artisan candles. Kiribee stands for high quality hand-poured candles made from beeswax with a dash of love.



Ana and Aldo’s journey to become candle makers was self-taught. The artistic duo, during the Pandemic, studied the processes of making candles and spent hours researching information on how to work with beeswax. <<We noticed a gap in the Albanian market for beeswax candles and decided to become the first to bring this new product in the country. Our mission is to let people unwind and relax with the help of our non-toxic ecological candles. Every candle is eco-friendly and hand poured with a lot of love. We are based in Tirana, but ship in all Albania>>, they say. All their candles are 100% handmade with the purest Albanian beeswax, natural and high quality. Through their products, Ana and Aldo want to spread a message of calmness, relaxation, and good health. One of the most important things in this modern world is to take some quality time for yourself to relax and meditate, and lighting a handmade beeswax candle can enhance this experience. <<It may seem like a small thing, but the benefits for health and mind are impressive>>, they say. 



The process of making a beeswax candle feels like an act of magic. It starts with filtering the wax to remove the impurities. Then, is necessary to melt it and prepare the mold, adding a pure cotton wick. Once the perfect temperature has been reached, the wax needs to be poured into the mold and let it cool. Then, comes the magic: after it has hardened, Ana and Aldo carefully demold it and add their personal touch, a painting or writing dedications to the customers. Voilà, the candle is done and ready to be packed. Their collection comprises figures of people, animals and abstract elements. <<Our inspiration comes from different sources, but we draw mostly from statues that represent love and motherhood. We particularly love the feeling of connection that these statues evoke, which is why we created our best-selling candle, the BeeQuite>>, they say. This small piece of art is shaped like a mother’s hand holding her child, which symbolizes the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child. The family is one of nature masterpieces. Just like the beeswax. What better than having them both enclosed in a candle to keep in your own home? 


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