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5 culinary stops to make in Vlora

The city of Vlora may be famous for its beaches, but there’s much more to do in town starting from discovering the local gastronomy scene. Below are five stops to make.


The patisserie Fredi is a Vlora institution. Hidden in one of the less-touristy area of the town, Kushtrim, here you can choose between treats like chocolate cakes, baked desserts, almond cakes, panna cotta, trilece, traditional cookies, and artisanal ice-cream. The entire setting is reminiscent of another era when businesses built trust with their customers. Location: Lagjja Kushtrimi Rruga Rakip Malile, Vlora.


Another classic haunt in Vlora is Vangjeli, a fish taverna located in Zvernec village, north of the town. This restaurant is popolar with locals for lunch during the weekends. The menu is just simple as the place: fried fishes -mostly sea breams, soles and the catch of the day-, fried potatoes, salad with fresh vegetables, salçe kosi, table olives and local white wine. Location: Rruga Pishave, Narta, Vlora.


Hidden in one of the oldest neighborhood in Vlora, the Food Market is a must when in town. It is a classical Balkan-style bazar where you can find almost everything, from supplies to souvenirs, from clothes to tools and, of course, food. Take a tour and then buy some local table olives and white cheese. Location: Rruga Taksim Rakipi, Vlora.


In front of the beach, Baci is a hidden place located almost at the end of Zvernec, ten minutes by car north of Vlora. The people who work here are like an open embrace, willing to dedicate as much time as necessary to help their customers choose between treats like grilled octopus, rice with squids and linguine with seafood. Paying a visit here when in Zvernec is a must. Location: Zvernec, Vlora.


Popular with locals and visitors alike, Bujar combines the sharing culture of a fish restaurant with the typical flavors of a more upscale restaurant. Here you’ll find innovative dishes cooked with excellent ingredients. This elegant and stylish restaurant located on the seafront of Vlora has a beautiful view and rich menu, which includes Catalan fish, sea breams, mussels, prawns and much more. Location: Rruga Murat Tërbaçi, Vlora.