Soha Sardinia, a journey by the sea. High quality skincare products and where to find them in Albania

Soha Sardinia is an Italian brand that produces high quality skincare lines for the face, body and hair, inspired by Sardinia island and its uncontaminated nature. This is more than just a brand, is a tribute to this magical Mediterranean island, its history, people, culture and nature. Soha believes in the beauty and efficacy of natural ingredients and uses only synthetic ingredients when absolutely necessary for efficacy or safety. Since a few years is finally possible to find these outstanding skincare products in some pharmacies in Tirana and other cities in Albania, thanks to Arta Nikaj, a pharmacist with a huge reverence for the therapeutic powers of natural ingredients, who is the head of Brand Farmaceutici Italiani, the official distributor of Soha Sardinia for Albania.


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Soha Sardinia has been created by Giovanni Pisu, a Sardinian from Ogliastra that worked in Fashion for some of the world’s top labels and Andre Baradat, a French citizen that adopted the Island as his second home and worked in the Beauty Industry in Marketing and Branding management roles. Both have lived abroad for many years, in London, Paris and New York and have decided to return to Sardinia to revisit its heritage. The brand’s philosophy lies in using natural ingredients (all products are 93.3% natural or above), beautiful design of the formulas and pleasure of use with essences and fragrances that are an integral part of Sardinian nature. Soha has created an exclusive extract of Cannonau Grape (Patent-pending), three times more concentrated in anti-ageing polyphenols than other grapes. Beside using natural ingredients, one of the main goals of Soha, is the respect of nature. Since the beginning, the company has favored the use of recyclable packaging (glass, paper, PET) and limited the use of plastic not strictly necessary. But that’s not all: Soha is a partner of the One Ocean Foundation. They donate 1% of their turnover to the protection of the sea and marine ecosystem. A little gesture that makes a big difference. 


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All the products are between 93.3% and up to 100% Natural. Soha do not just pays attention to how beautiful a product looks and feels, but it is equally focused on ensuring that all the ingredients work in harmony with each other. From cleansing and make up removers with elicriso to night treatments with lemon, from face serums with corallo and cannonau grape extracts to obsidian scrubs, all the products are made with natural ingredients and without parabens, silicons, mineral oils, sodium laureth sulfate, phtalates, parafins or animal derived products (except honey from bees). The latest addition? L’essenza, the first Soha perfume that represents the true soul of the brand. A fragrance that takes on a sensory journey through the notes of passion fruit, passing by rose, jasmine, lily of the valley, peach and plum to arrive at the base notes of patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla and musk. In a few words? A perfume that smells like The Mediterranean. 


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Where to find Soha Sardinia in Albania

FarmaTea – Farmaci Genesis, Tirana (@farmatea_farmacigenesis)
Farmaci Gjergji, Tirana (@farmaci_gjergji)

Farmaci Yasmin, Shkodra (@farmaciyasmin)
Klinika Genesis 2, Laç (@klinika_genesis2_lac)
Ansi Farma Pharmacy, Durrës (@ansi.farma)
Farmaci Ormin, Fier (@farmaciormin)

Farmaci Milano, Elbasan (@farmaci.milano.elbasan)
Farmacia Farmablend, Elbasan (@farmablend)
Farmaci Ledia Llapi, Vlorë (@farmaci_ledia)
Anja Pharma, Pogradec (@anjapharmapogradec)

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