A guide to Përmet, the buzzy adventurous town to visit this summer

Përmet, also known as the ‘city of roses’ for its flourishing nature and variety of flowers, roses included, is a true gem hidden in south Albania. The small city center can easily be visited by foot: traditional houses with hidden gardens, the Church of Shën Premtes where you can admire old frescoes, the Church of Shën Nikolas, the promenade along Vjosa river with Guri i Qyteti, the large rock symbol of Përmet, and the mosque. 

There are numerous reasons to visit Përmet including natural wonders. This is the land of Vjosa, the last wild river in Europe, which offers amazing outdoor experiences like rafting, kayaking, excursions, and hiking. The town is surrounded by Hotovë National Park, a true natural treasure home to several wild animals -bears, wolves and lynxes included. 13 km east of Përmet, the natural springs of Bënjë are the place to go for those in search of relaxation. These thermal springs are located at the beginning of Langarica Canyon, another natural gem. 

During spring and summer Përmet hosts two main events. May is dedicated to the Vjosa n’Fest, one of the coolest festivals in Albania, now in its 3rd edition. The event, which will take place on May 17-19, brings together music, trekking, cycling, kayaking, open air cinema, and handicraft in various neighborhoods and surroundings. August is dedicated to Nona Fest, a three-day event that brings young and old generations together, improve dialogue between people of different ages, and preserves tradition. Included in the program are cooking classes with local grannies and eating local delicacies. 

It’s rich culinary bond evokes centuries of tradition: Përmet is home to one of the best food scene in Albania. Cold cuts, cheeses, meats, organic vegetables, jams, and gliko, a fruit based compote protected by Slow Food, are a must try. The town is also known for supa përmetare, a soup with pasta crumbs and chicken, shqeto made with lamb, yogurt, eggs and lemon, boar or wild rabbit comlek with fresh onions marinated in red wine and flavored with laurel. You can try them in the local restaurants and tavernas of the city center or along the promenade, accompanied by local wines. 

There is a handful of places to stay in Përmet, including Villa Përmet, a boutique hotel housed in a 19th century villa. There are a big terrace overlooking the town, a gourmet restaurant, original fireplaces and incredible views. This is not just a hotel, is more a space where architecture, tradition, design and culinary creations live perfectly together under one roof.


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