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Discovering south Albania is a holiday experience we never tire of. There’s something soul-stirring about admiring azure waters, listening to the chatter of locals and day trippers in search of a new beach and reaching beautiful places with only a few small shops and a handful of tavernas. The surroundings of Saranda include some of Albania’s most famous and frequented destinations -Ksamil and Pasqyrat among them- as well as some of its lesser-known spots, where you can experience local life at its most authentic. Without forgetting the hinterland, where lies the town of Përmet, one of the most fascinating destinations in the country. Quad Albania organizes exciting quad excursions in both the towns and surroundings. For a holiday that combines some of the best elements of Albania -its beaches, its nature and its history- a twin-centre trip to Saranda and Përmet should be on your radar. Here’s why.


Quad Albania
Quad Albania

With its great beaches and exciting vibes, Saranda is the place to go for those in search of fun. An hour by ferry from Corfu, it retains its charm while still catering to the needs of today’s travellers, so you can expect luxury hotels and apartments with all the trimmings but also heritage sites that take you back to an ancient world (read: the archaeological park of Butrint, a cultural gem just 16 km away from the town). As the unofficial capital of Albanian Riviera, Saranda is a popular city for most visitors who travel to Albania and the Balkans. While it can get pretty busy during the peak season, especially August, in spring and early summer you can enjoy the city, mild climate and beaches without the crowds and experience the best of south Albania. Rugged, untamed wilds are just a short drive away. It’s worth booking a quad excursion with Quad Albania to discover the surroundings of Saranda, visiting the breathtaking beaches and picturesque villages of Albanian Riviera.


Quad Albania
Quad Albania

Quad Albania leads you to discover the charming town of Përmet too. This nice, clean and green destination is as quintessentially Albanian as it’s possible to get with its small buildings, narrow alleys and traditional tavernas from which the smell of grilled meats and local cheeses wafts invitingly. Përmet, which is still relatively undiscovered by tourists, is home to some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Albania: this is the land of Vjosa River, the latest wild river in Europe. During the quad expedition you’ll have the opportunity to explore Vjosa National Park with its majestic mountains and crystal-clear rivers, and the orthodox church of Leusa. Even if you’re not religiously inclined, it’s well worth a visit for its beautiful architecture. Bënjë Hot Springs -natural thermal springs with dramatic mountain views- are the last stop. The perfect place to end the trip in this remarkable country.


Quad Albania
Quad Albania

Quad Albania is a company specialized in quad biking tours in Saranda and Përmet. It provides modern and well-maintained quads, suitable for both beginners and experts. The team leader Marco is a quad instructor with 20 years of experience and recognized international certifications in the field. His passion for adventure and in-depth knowledge of south Albania’s territory, make him a go-to for quad excursion enthusiasts. With his expertise, Marco provides adventurers with a safe and exhilarating experience, guiding them through scenic trails and offering valuable tips. Safety is a priority, with equipment and instructions provided before the excursions. Quad Albania offers a unique and memorable experience to explore Saranda, Përmet and surroundings, discovering off the beaten tourist paths, combining adventure, natural beauty, and high-quality customer service.


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