Albania in spring: a travel guide

March, April and May are three of the best months to take a vacation -and not just because weather is mild and sunny. During this time of the year prices are still affordable and the crowds contained. Here are 5 of the best destinations to visit in Albania during spring.


©Elion Jashari

This charming coastal town in south Albania is known for its beaches and vibrant nightlife and, for these reasons, during summer becomes very crowded. Spring is the best time of the year to visit Saranda and enjoy its weather, beaches and fish restaurants. Can you think of a better place to unplug from work and routine than this?


©Renaldo Kodra

The archaeological park of Butrint is one of the most enchanting places to see in Albania and the Balkans. Located just a few kilometers from Ksamil beach, this UNESCO site is a scenic chunk of land with forests, lagoon, and ancient ruins dating back to Illyrian, Greek, Roman, Venetian and Ottoman times.


©Dajana Reçi

Pogradec is one of Albania’s most enchanting cities to visit. Its spectacular setting on the banks of Lake Ohrid, the oldest lake in Europe, nestled between the country and Northern Macedonia, makes it one of the most scenic destinations in the Balkans. Spring is the best time to go and visit the surrounding villages, before the summer crowds and wild swimmers descend on the waterfront.


©Dajana Reçi

Gjirokastër’s unforgettable architecture, with white Ottoman houses, traditional buildings and the ancient bazar, are totally unique in their visual impact. The castle is one of prettiest in Albania and offers unique views over the old town and mountains.


©Olga Budko

On Albania’s Adriatic and Ionian coasts (the two seas meet exactly here!), Vlora is an alternative to Saranda. The city has great sandy and pebbly beaches as well as historic sites and architectural relics that coexist with cosmopolitan culture and traditional cuisine.