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How to make Petulla – Erida’s Kitchen

Erida Elezaj, is a food blogger who lives in Tirana with her husband and their daughter. In her Instagram page Erida’s Kitchen (@eridaskitchen), she shares recipes and secrets of the extraordinary culinary heritage of Albania focusing on tradition and modern flavors. 

We asked Erida to share with us her recipe of petulla, or Albanian fried dough, a staple for breakfast in the Albanian cuisine. Petulla are served savory or with sweets, most commonly with honey, jams and white cheese. Albanian recipes for petulla have many variations. This is her recipe. 


600 g of flour (Miell Tirana)
400 ml of milk 
2 eggs
1 tea spoon of salt 
1 tea spoon of soda 

The recipe:

Melt the eggs in a bowl, then add the milk, salt and soda. Put the flour in another bowl, add slowly the mix of eggs and milk and knead the dough by hand creating a ball. Cover it with cellophane and let the dough rest 10 minutes.

Then, divide it in two pieces and start to create petulla in circular shapes. Cook them in a pan with abundant sunflower or olive oil. Serve them with honey, jams and white cheese or, if you prefer, with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. Enjoy it!