Albania in full bloom

Albania is a country with a rich history and stunning natural beauties, making it a popular travel destination in recent years. Spring is one of the best time to visit it, offering unique experiences that are not available during other seasons and before the arrival of the most of tourists. One of the main reasons to visit Albania in spring is to witness the country’s stunning flora in full bloom. All around Albania the hills and valleys come alive with many colors creating wonderful landscapes. 

©Sara Darcaj

Another reason to visit Albania in spring is to enjoy the mild weather. The temperature is warm enough to be comfortable, but still not too hot. This makes spring the perfect time to explore sites and monuments. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover Butrint archaeological site in south Albania. If you come here at this time of the year you will enjoy nature, villages and beaches too at their best without crowds. On the other side, the peaks in northern Albania offer the opportunity to hike and explore untouched nature. 

©Fjona Zanaliu

Spring in Albania means adventures in nature. Cycling can become your best ally in exploring both the Albanian countryside and urban areas, such as the southern inland and UNESCO towns, like Berat and Gjirokastër. For water lovers, we recommend activities such as rafting, swimming and kayaking. in lakes, rivers and seas to discover unexplored wild corners.

Featured image: ©Elion Jashari