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The best bakeries in Tirana

Golden pastry stuffed with cream and chocolate, baklava and kadaif, sultjash with rice and milk, chocolate truffles and homemade cakes -the Albanian bakery scene is full of options. Visitors will likely want to try the baklava -a sweet made with phyllo dough, sugar syrup and nuts- which certainly shouldn’t be missed. However, there’s more to Tirana than sweet legacies from Albania’s Ottoman past. From gourmet chocolates to gluten-free and vegan options, these are 5 of the tastiest Tirana bakeries we’d recommend to anyone visiting the city (in no particular order).


©Joshua Sukoff

Someg is a small local chain of bakeries, producing pastries, breads and other baked goods since 1997. The traditional pastries are delectable and spoon desserts are even better. There are stores in Rruga Muhamet Gjollesha, Rruga Don Bosko, Rruga Abdyl Frasheri. But the Myslim Shiri store is our top pick -in prime position for a Tirana adventure. Get there early, order a cookies with a cappuccino and then head for the city center to visit Tirana’s landmarks. If you have room for pudding, their sultjash, a Balkan delicacy, are not to be missed.  

Address: Rruga Myslim Shiri 


©Aurela Redenica

There’s no shortage of bakeries offering baklava in Tirana, but Elinikon does things a little differently, with a creative twist on sweets you can’t find all across the country. Everything here is expertly and painstakingly crafted, and cakes are taken particularly serious -always handmade and freshly baked throughout the day. Elinikon bakeries are in Rruga Dervish Hima, Rruga Sulejman Delvina and Rruga e Kavajes. The Rruga e Kavajes store is gorgeous as, with showcases crammed with artisan bread, biscuits, colourful cookies and mouth-watering pastries.

Address: Rruga e Kavajes, Kompleksi Delijorgij 
Website: facebook.com/elinikontirana/


©Anne Kristin

You absolutely can’t leave Tirana without paying a visit to this elegant bakery -we think this is one of the best in town. We recommend a slice of cake and homemade pralines, which will keep you full until way past lunch time, but for those who prefer salty breakfast Le Bon has many options (byrek with spinach, vegetarian sandwiches and pies). Go hungry and expect to queue, especially if you’re visiting during lunch time.

Address: Rruga Dritan Hoxha 


©Alina Karpenko

If part of your trip to Tirana includes discover off the beaten path neighborhoods, you’ll likely be paying a visit to Tito Pastiçeri, one of the best in Albania’s capital city. While you’re there, we highly recommend you to try their yogurt dessert and artisan ice cream; but with a showcase full of delicious pastries, there’s something for everyone. Must-haves here include baklava, homemade muffins, panna cotta and there are hundreds of cookies options to choose from as you order. A great option for a day of indulgence.

Address: Rruga Endri Keko 3


©Lindsay Cotter

Lika is an informal, authentic, and low-key gem of Tirana: a small pastiçeri located between Zogu i Zi and Skanderbeg Square. Here, for a modest price, you can pick up steaming traditional delicacies like llokume, fresh bread, cookies, tiramisu, pistachio and chocolate cakes and enjoy them in the small outdoor veranda. 

Address: Rruga e Durrësit