Bloem Flower Boutique: let’s fall in love with flowers

The most appealing way to decorate your day? Flowers, of course -and where better to buy them from than one of the prettiest flower shop in Tirana, the recently opened Bloem Flower Boutique? Here you’ll find a wide selection of meticulously crafted bouquets, fresh flowers and green plants. No matter what occasion you want to buy flowers for, the friendly staff is always happy to help you find exactly what you need so that you’ll leave with a smile on your face.


©Alla Simacheva (@sukses_per_mengjes)
©Alla Simacheva (@sukses_per_mengjes)

Founded in 2022 by Alda Paluka, Bloem Flower Boutique is a flower shop located in one of the most charming historic streets in Tirana, Rruga e Durrësit, in front of Hotel Colosseo and a few meters away from Skanderbeg Square. Alda’s compositions are all personally made by her and characterized by a carefully managed aesthetic combining nature, creativity and love for art. <<I really enjoy working with plants and nature, in any form. I love the idea that you can make people feel good with flowers. It makes me happy>>, says Alda. You can see her passion for everything floral as soon as you enter the shop. This place feels like a secret garden flowering kingdom –once you’ve entered Bloem Flower Boutique you will feel as if you are in a small, enchanted wonderland. It’s impossible to not fall in love with flowers here. 


©Alla Simacheva (@sukses_per_mengjes)
©Alla Simacheva (@sukses_per_mengjes)

At Bloem Flower Boutique, you can find all kind of decorations for your private events like weddings, parties and birthdays. They create unique and extremely beautiful floral arrangements and wrapped bouquets made with orchids, garden roses and tulips, among others. Besides that, Bloem Flower sells classy interior design products, like handmade vases, aromatic candles and house plants, including gorgeous bonsais. The Boutique also tailors every commission around its clients’ individual tastes and will happily adjust their arrangements in order to meet specific preferences. <<My goal is to make unique bouquets. I talk to clients to understand their preferences and create personalized arrangements>>, says Alda <<then, I let the flowers and their energy guide me>>.


Find out more about Bloem Flower Boutique:
Instagram: @bloemflowerboutique
Facebook: Bloem Flower Boutique

Tel. +355699497164

Location: Rruga e Durrësit, përballë Hotel Colosseo, Tirana.

©Alla Simacheva (@sukses_per_mengjes)