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Mjaltë Lunxhëria, high quality honey from south Albania

This top-quality honey is produced in Lunxhëria, a mountainous region in south Albania, near the UNESCO town of Gjirokastër. Lunxhëria honey is available in three varieties: Wildflower, Chestnut and Pine. All have unforgettable pure distinctive flavours and can be used in sweets, alongside cheese, with yoghurt and walnuts or to bring sweetness to your meals.  


Mjaltë Lunxhëria is an Albanian family-run business based in south Albania, Gjirokastër, that produce honey, royal jelly propolis, pollen and beeswax since 1999. In the past few years, the company improved the quality of their products <<and in 2015 we became the first Albanian company that offer certified organic honey in the local market>>, says Erald Dhima, beekeeper and co-founder of the company. Their honeys are known for their high quality, which is the result of the unique geographical and topographical attributes on the region: Gjirokastër area has diverse terrains such as mountains, hills and valleys, which offer a variety of trees and plants. <<Also, as there is no industrial farming here, the pollen and nectar collected by the bees are free of pesticides and chemicals. The result? Our honeys are high quality, pure and with unique colours and tastes>>, he says.  


Mjaltë Lunxhëria produces three varieties of honey, Chestnut, Pine and Wildflower. While the chestnut and pine honeys feature a strong, penetrating scent and a lasting bitter aftertaste, wildflower organic honey has a light, fruity aroma coming from local flora and herbs, with a delicate, sweet flavor which is neither too strong nor sugary and leaves no aftertaste. The honeys are unique in their organoleptic qualities deriving from the specific south Albanian flora, including aromatic and medicinal plants. The products are packaged in glass jars and ready to be enjoyed, either for breakfast with toast and butter, or used in a variety of tea drinks. You can order them directly to Mjaltë Lunxhëria or find the honeys in local supermarkets.  


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