The best summer music festivals in Albania 2023

Albania is fast becoming a festival haven, due to big and cool music festivals. The calendar of music events in the country is wide: every year Albania host some of the biggest music festivals in the Balkans as well as traditional events. If you are planning to visit Albania this year -and trust us, you should- check here some of the top festivals that are coming to the country.


The Color Day Festival Albania is held in Mother Teresa Square, Tirana, and is based on the Holi Festival which is a famous event in India celebrated by Hindus communities. In Tirana, is a fun day to enjoy music and spend some time with your friends. 

©Color Day Festival


Located in the village of Borsh, along the Albanian Riviera, South Outdoor Festival is a unique event that combines music with tradition, sport, culture and food. Borsh is a beautiful and long beach in south Albania, with clean waters and olive groves in the back. It is also home to the ruins of an old castle that worth a visit for its breathtaking views over the bay.

©South Outdoor Festival

KALA FESTIVAL (31.05 – 07.06)

Dhërmi beach is home to this one week music festival, Kala, that in the past few years became one of the best summer festivals in the Balkans. The location is just stunning: Dhërmi is among the prettiest places in the Mediterranean and is fast becoming a tourist destination due to its beautiful beaches

©Kala Festival


UNUM is a 3-day music festival celebrated in Shëngjin, a beach famous for its sand dunes, along the Adriatic coast of Albania. This festival, which strives to unite the four elements of nature with music, is dedicated to techno music with performances of local and regional artists, as well as many international names.

©UNUM Festival


Zâ Festival is a musical event that brings together the best Albanian songwriters of the moment. In the past years, it was held in Theth, one the most magical place in northern Albania. Now, the festival takes place in the Rozafa Castle, a beautiful location near the center of Shkodra. 

©Zâ Festival


The location of this festival is unique: live sessions take place inside the old fortress of Ali Pasha, in Porto Palermo, Albanian riviera. The festival has been founded by Olen Cesari, one of the most prominent violinist in the Balkans.  

©Porto Palermo Festival


This particular festival isn’t as frequent as the others, as it takes place every five years. After the 2 year stop due to Pandemic, this summer you have the opportunity to take part of it. Gjirokastër Folk Festival is a historical event in Albania, dating back 1968 and is part of the UNESCO intangible heritages. A festival full of music, dancing, and performances of local and international performers hosted in the old fortress.

©Ministry of Culture of Albania

KORÇA BEER FESTIVAL (16.08 – 20.08)

Korça is not just one of the prettiest towns in Albania, but also the location of Korça Beer Festival, one of the biggest events in Albania and the region. This four-day festival celebrates beer, of course, but is also a great opportunity to try local food and visit the town.

©Renaldo Kodra

ION FESTIVAL (06.09 – 13.09)

Another festival that takes place in Dhërmi, ION Festival is one of the top tech and electronic festivals in the country, with a lineup of amazing local and international artists. Most of the people who attend the event are foreign as ION festival aims to introduce everyone to Albanian music and culture.

©Daisy Denham (www.daisydenham.co.uk)

Featured image: ©Kala Festival