Art me Grep: crochet bags made with love by women for women

Art me Grep is a new fashion brand founded by Valeria and Tina -a Swiss and Kosovo-Albanian duo friend- a few months ago. They sell handmade crochet bags in unique colors, sizes and shapes. The brand has an innovative and sustainable design, with a strong focus on handmade and slow fashion, as well as utilising natural or recycled materials and helping women with incomings: each bag is crafted with care and attention to details by women from Kosovo, making it a unique accessory that will last for a very long time.


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This brand new project is a great opportunity to support women from Kosovo. <<With Art me Grep, we grant women from Kosovo, who make manually every single item, a secure income for them and their families, good working conditions and fair wages>>, says Valeria Müller, co-founder. These bags are must-have accessories for every season, made with love by women for women. <<Also, crocheting has a very positive impact on mental health. This value flows into the production>>. The final result? A unique, high quality, functional, stylish, long-lasting and eco-friendly bag made from women’s hands.


©Art me Grep

Slow fashion, handmade and high quality are the three pillars of Art me Grep. They only have a small selection of each crochet bag, but artisans constantly produce new colors and models for making unique and personalized items. They use neutral and calm palettes of colors, recycled yarns, but also follow the fashion trends. You can find the crochet bags at or, in the mountain Resort Hotel Cervo in Zermatt, in Jolene’s Room in Aarau and in the future Schminkbar Basel in Basel. If you have fallen in love with a bag that they no longer have in the stock, no worries, you can always contact them directly. They will be more than happy to make a unique piece just for you.


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