4 mountain villages to visit in Albania

If you think that Albania has only gorgeous beaches to offers to its visitors, you are wrong. One of the most beautiful things to do here is to spend some time in relaxation surrounded by the amazing Albanian mountains. If you don’t like crowds, warm temperature and tourists, avoid the southern riviera and come to visit these mountain villages.


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This mountain town 30 km away from Tirana is one of the most enchanting mountain places to visit in Albania, not just for its spectacular location, but also for its history. Kruja is linked to the national hero Skanderbeg who fought against the Ottomans in the 15th century. Today, there are rests of the ancient castle, a museum dedicated to Skanderbeg, an Ethnographic museum, an old bazaar where to buy traditional souvenirs and the first Albergo Diffuso in the country.


©Mario Beqollari

Theth is one of the most charming mountain hamlet to see in Albania and the Balkans. This village, surrounded by the Albanian Alps, is a true mountain gem. Theth is located in a dramatic scenery: a green valley surrounded by high peaks and stunning landscapes. The highlight here is a lovely Catholic church situated in the heart of the village.


©Fjona Zanaliu

Fierzë itself has not so much to offers to visitors, but the itinerary to reach it is one of the most beautiful experiences to do in Albania. Shkodra, the largest town in northern Albania, is the start point to reach Koman, a small hamlet from where depart the ferries to Fierzë. The route from Koman to Fierzë offers amazing views and landscapes, maybe some of the most beautiful of Europe.


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Near the Montenegrin border, Vermosh is the northernmost village in Albania. This mountain hamlet lies in one of the most spectacular valleys of the Accursed Mountain, a mountain range in Northern Albania that extends in Montenegro and Kosovo too, famous for its glaciers and landscapes. A plus here is the presence of a lovely Catholic church featured by a red bricks roof.